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McKalian is an innovative IOT sensor company developing a new generation of sensors for all your security and edged data requirements. Combined with powerful Common Operating Pictures and mapping, McKalian is poised to become a leader in independent IOT sensors for all security agencies as well as for commercial applications.

McKalian employees have extensive worldwide experience in security planning, product development and training. Our high-level expertise comes from years spent in law enforcement in such areas as Border Enforcement, surveillance, Organized Crime Investigations and more recently National Security Investigations. Additionally, our team has retired members from the Canadian Forces and Special Forces. Rounding out these experts is our business intelligence and logistics experts who add a deep commercial understanding of the need for integrated remote data monitoring to create business efficiencies and increased profit.

The ACS2 Provides 6 months of Covert Surveillance on Battery!

McKalian’s ACS2 Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) offer opportunities to provide critical intelligence worldwide, by efficiently detecting, identifying and transmitting real time imagery to key operational personnel and centers.

Modern Security challenges include Criminal Organizations, violent environmental activists and terrorist cells, all active around the world and consistently attempting to exploit vulnerabilities to forward their agenda and enterprises.

To protect our communities the ACS2 is entirely designed and built in Canada and the USA and is a cyber secure device.

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Current Industry Trends

Covert Sensors provide force multiplication by covering investigations and intelligence gathering while limited personnel address emergent issues. Mobile apps provide timely situational awareness to operators who can then act on the Intelligence.


ACS2 Applications

  • Border Surveillance
  • Oil and Gas and Mining Monitoring of Remote Infrastructure
  • Military Operations
  • Remote Target Surveillance
  • Urban Operations
  • Protection of Urban Assets
  • Electrical Power Stations anti copper theft.
  • Mines and remote roadways

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